Have you had UFO or ORB sightings? Have they shown themselves to you at any time in your life? Have you been wanting to meet with someone like you that wishes to make a group effort to bring in a closer sighting or contact? Are you on the edge of belief but brave enough to see? I like to trek to the high desert for the extreme quiet that allows clear thoughts. I enjoy primitive / low impact camping, hiking, exploring and am well outfitted for my own small camp. I am thinking of some kind of trip this fall or winter to summer lake area BLM land or to the hot springs located there, depending on consensus and group size. There’s is increasing activity around the earth right now. Check the mufon site (last 20 sightings) and see that there is daily activity in the US . OR posts are frequent. I’m approaching this as alcohol and drug free. Natural herbs are ok with me. I grew up half in the white world and half in the Indian world. Bring a neutral positive attitude. Do not litter. I’ve noticed that the more cleanly you enter this desert church the more it reveals. Peace.

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